Looking up

picture-7I have been the sick for the past week, trying to fight off this horrible cold. I have been working on watercolours and drawings. This month I’m featured in House of Tate #12 e-zine. 


I’ll be back in LA in the next two weeks.   I’m still looking for work,  if anyone has any job leads, can you please help me out.  thanks in advance. cristina.


New Items in our shop

Original Post: 3/30/09


 New tee design now at our online shop

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New tee designs, created from new work I’m creating for our next month, web comixs. 


Trying to get back on our schedules, to get more web stories out.  


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Love, Cristina

1001 plastic bags later


untitled, paint on recycle plastic bagsOriginal post 3/13/09

I have been spending some of my time working on my skills and experimenting with materials.  It’s great practice for using nontraditional materials. I used old plastic bags and wax paper as drawing canvas.  I don’t have to make art supply runs to expensive art stores.  I’m justing using all the materials I have in my daily surroundings.  It’s a fun material to work with, but I am learned it’s easy to overwork.  I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks working with it.  


Oh yeah, stop making plastic bags already!  There’s no reason to make them anymore.  

They are not being recycled by grocerely chains, as claimed (they are  more expensive for the clean-up then the price of the bags to make. So often they lieing about there recycled trash tubs claiming they are green).  


Don’t get be started with trying to get all your recycling done in Las Vegas.  The state is in the dark ages.    




 Original Post 3/11/09

First rough of web comic for April.


Jeaux and I have been working hard on our new site. As the economy is falling down, I have been spending my time looking at job sites, and turning my addition to comics. I’m slowly abandoning the “painting” media, feeling it very limited as a form. I’m getting more and more excited about the idea of comic-making. The complete FREEDOM of the simple web comic. Our websitedisplay of the comics, however needs a lot of work. 


If anyone has suggestions on “web layout” (and reader-friendly).

Please send us an email at : doubledatecollective@gmail.com


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I think there must be a better format then iphoto, don’t you think?


ddc webcomix

Return back to Southwest


Original Post: 3/06/09



After spending over the last one and a half years in NYC.  I have returned to Las Vegas.  I’m spending the first month, getting settled back into things.  I’m happy to return back to the warm weather and unique sunsets, that the southwest rewards.  

Jeaux and I miss NYC some days.  This is the third time we had to move over the past two years. I’m thinking about staying between LA or Vegas.  The weather is beautiful and the rent is affordable.  Though the return, to Vegas has been a return to a ghost town.  The recession has definitely hit the town. Houses are emptied, along with the momma-papa restaurants and shops. Street are half made that go no where.  So looks like I’m not sure where I’m going to for the next couple of months. I want to write more about Las Vegas, but I really can’t think about anything to write about.  I’ll get back to that later.  Last thing I can say is ...empty.


What comes next?

Image: Wires, 2008, Acrylic paint + ink on wood




Original post 3/7/09


During the move, a lot of my art work got damaged.  The painting above had to be retouched a great deal. The crack and scratchs reveals a richer dark blues and green on the sky.  A few paintings made it home okay and found a place to live.  While I figure out where it will belong along with myself for the next coming year.

The moving process makes you very aware of all the possessions you accumlated over the years.  I’m very tired of all STUFF

A great way to get rid of your stuff is ‘here’

It helped us a lot moving in and out of NYC.

heart: cristina