Colour Practice!

I’m going to finish my cartoon, and make myself laugh. Here’s my colour script, I painted digitally.

A couple of sketchs, helping get through all the bumps and frustrations, that goes trying to tell a story through cartoon.

Just make yourself “laugh”.
love, Cristina


Emoticon fun

Emoticon fun in blue and orange, simply visual translation

test sketches from extra paint

An illustration of visual circle shape emoticons, using watercolours and colour-pencils, created early last year.

Making Faces:

(^_^) (’-’*)(;_・) (・_・?) (-o- )

Sketchbook capture 2000

Uncovering Old Sketchbooks, as I finally settled in to Place.

Sketchbook 2000
Please click on image  above to be directed to vimeo video.
Early sketchbook diary from 2000. I was a compulsive drawer then, I would go through a sketchbook in a month or so.  I will be capturing my sketchbook through the years on my vimeo page. I thought it’s a good way to remember 9 years ago, as my memories have had a cloud over it, for the past 8 years.

We have all become so reliant on technology of pictures and video, to uncover our memories and perception.

(Sketch of the late Calarts film professor, Moritz.)

Hanafuda Remix Project 2007

Hanafuda remix project

I created a video of my hanafuda remix project, from my solo show in Las Vegas at The Fallout Gallery from Spring 2007. The show was entitled “Who Cares about you, you’re just a pack of cards”, (yes,the line from Alice in Wonderland).

As I blog more often, I hope to get better at inserting wordpress plug-ins, to host videos from vimeo and youtube and pictures. The cost of slick design, you have to learn and learn. 😛