Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!


Invention of Style, part 2


Work studies and experiments, Model: Heather and Husband.

The life work is based on live models, who are often in movement rather than a stationary pose.  These drawings are the exercises or experiments to my later work.  This work helps me problem-solve my use of loose materials such as graphite, dyes and paints. These exercises are the core, or foundation, of my work.  Without my studies from life, emotion and movement I wouldn’t have a finished piece.

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Invention of Style, part 1

Mirror-Twins Imagery

In my work, I focus on drawing the pureness of mark-making (the act of drawing). I use a minimalist style,intuitively driven by pure emotion. I usually work very slowly and carefully, but at any given point I will work in very fast burst of energy. removing lines and carefully choosing which lines should be seen in the finished pieces. I erase and cover my work in many layers.

The drawings are intuitively driven by pure emotion. I can work very slowly and careful, but any given point I will often work in fast burst of energy.


“The Act of Remembering, Part One”, 16″ x 20″, Watercolour, Sumi Ink, Dye, Wine and Graphite on Archival Watercolour Paper, 2010

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on drawing…

This end of the year and early next year. I’m working on an “Untitled Portrait Project”. I will be working from life. Las Vegas is full of life. I’ll be drawing people of Las Vegas which include artists, jewelry and fashion-artisans, technology-geeks, performances including burlesque dancers, yoga instructors, air-force workers, and more!

Drawing of Cara, gold leaf, ink, and charcoal on bond paper.
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