This Saturday

This Saturday, I will be at Blackbird Studios for Japan’ Aid .  I’ll be setting up on the floor, to live paint along some amazing Las Vegas’ Artists.

I’ll be working on a large scale canvas.  The artwork will be than auction off to raise money for Japan Relief.

Please stop by and show your support.

Las Vegas artists unite to present Japan’d Aid in support of the victims of the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami on Saturday, April 30 at Blackbird Studios. The event will feature live painting and musical performances by local artists, as well as an ice tea tasting, a food truck, and a silent auction of artwork to raise money for Japanese emergency relief.Live painting will begin at 5 p.m. and will feature local artists KD Mathison, Danny Roberts, Amber Gardner, Three Bad Sheep, James Henninger, Jska Priebe, Cristina Paulos, and Gina Quaranto. All of the work painted during the event, as well as finished pieces donated by other artists, will be available to bid on until 8:50, with the entire proceeds going towards Japanese relief. Bids for the silent auction will start promptly at 5 p.m. and the last bid can be made at 8:50 p.m. The silent auction will conclude at 9 p.m.(special note: the public WILL be able to take their art home night of show). “You most definatetly want to be part of this important & beautiful art show,” says Blackbird Studios president Gina Quaranto. “The pieces that have been done already are absolutely beautiful and I know Japan would be very proud.” Other gifts and artwork will also be available.Musical performances will kick off at 7:45 with a performance by KORABO, a Japanese Taiko drum group dedicated to spreading the art and tradition of Japanese drumming, followed by performances from Coast West Unrest, Paige Overton, and Dusty Sunshine. Food and refreshments at the event will include a complementary tea tasting sponsored by Iron Kettle Teas, featuring hot and cold tea recipes from over 100 years ago.Sloppy Joe’s Food Truck will also be on site, serving their amazing menu from fried mac n cheese to their famous Sloppy Joes, with 10% of all revenue made from the night donated to the relief. Wine and cakes will also be provided.

-Blackbird Studios
My Sketch and Blank Canvas for JAPAN’D AID at Blackbird Studios today, I’ll be live painting. Sketch is of Mother Nature with some elements of Carl Sagan‘s famous quotes “”We Are All Connected” and “of star stuff”.

Draw, Draw, Draw and “Fighting”

Above: Photo by Becky Bosshart

I spent my Friday at Emergency Arts. It’s a fun place to visit, friendly Baristas and you get to catch some cool galleries and workspaces for some artists. I met some awesome folks and drew two people. My first subject was Mr. Jerry Misko. Jerry’s a Las Vegas native, born and raised. His father was imported to Las Vegas for work, he was a Pitboss at a Casino.
Jerry is a painter. He’s very personable and a very hardwork artist. I have to admit it took me sometime to capture him.

Above: My pile of drawings were stacking up!

I was able to produce two drawings which I think came out interesting. My favorite drawing of him:

My favorite drawing of Jerry, he looks like a samurai warrior here. "Jerry Misko, FIGHTING!"


My second subject for portrait is of Ms. Becky Bosshart. Becky’s awesome! She grew up as a Military Brat, traveling often. She was brought to Las Vegas for writing. She is a graduate student at UNLV where she is studying journalism.

Becky in peaceful muted grey, and burst of high contast of Oranges!

My pile of Becky’s of drawings.

Drawing of Becky reading the LV SUN.

Becky has a very beautiful neck line. She was reading while I was drawing her.

Insert Coins, Art Group Show “Back in the Day…”

Insert Coins, is a new fun bar/arcade opening on the Downtown Las Vegas area. Owner Chris is bringing the nostalgia of our favorite arcade games to the bar setting, in the exciting downtown area. Insert coins will host there first art show curated by Keri, “Back in the Day…”

Keri ask some of Las Vegas’ artists to play tribute to there favorite classic video games and memories. INSERT COIN(S) will host its opening reception for “Back in the Day…” on Tuesday April 19th from 6pm to 10pm.  INSERT COIN(S) asked over 20 invited artists one question to reminisce upon: “What was your favorite game or toy as a child?” The artists were then free to interpret their subject of choice in their preferred mediums. The resulting exhibition is a nostalgic, creative reinterpretation of classic games and toys. Featured artwork will celebrate classic games, commemorate forgotten toys, and re-purpose lost playthings. The exhibition will invite viewers and artists alike to participate in a collection of memories; sharing smiles, stories, experience points and cheat codes.

-text from press RELEASE

Opening reception will be held on April 19th, 2011 for “Back in the Day…, a themed group art exhibition inspired by classic video games and vintage toys at Insert Coin(s).  Proceeds from the exhibit will be donated to tsunami relief in Japan.

INSERT COIN(S) is located at 512 East Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101

Participating artists include: Jerry Misko, KD Matheson, Dasha Biggs, Mike Biggs, Mark T. Zeilman, Jesse Smigel, Cristina Paulos, Ruckus, Ryan Tino, Keri Schroeder, Scream, Ashley Beatty, Caesar Garcia, Albert Montoya, Roxy B Montoya, Juan Muniz, Ainjil Bragg, Daniel Bennett, Camille Bohannon, Shan Michael Evans, Jose Hernandez, Michelle Irish, Nico Holmes-Gull, May Nomura, and Warren Wucinich.

Insert Coins, will promise to bring back our 80’s nostogia, of missed our favorite arcade sounds,quarter play and pinball ringing, minus the sugar-y aromas of the donut shop.

I worked on two pieces in celebration of my favorite fighting video characters from Dark-stalkers and Samurai Showdown!

"Beat 'em ALL up", Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers (by Capcom)

"Beat em ALL up", Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers (by Capcom)

Video Game Nudity! is OK! lol (well, not really, the violence get an acceptable rating, and well nudity…red light)

About the two pieces:

The pieces are focusing on the two popular fighting games, “Samurai Shodown” and “Darkstalkers”. These two games have some of the most recognizable female characters.  I also thought there is a “silliness” and “strangeness”, and a little “wetness” to how Virtual Video-game Female characters Scream Sexuality, while the audience is mostly a group of teenagers mostly that of young boys.  



Some Girls are Bigger than Others (Iroha, Samurai Shodown VI, NEW)Medium:_dye,watercolour,ink,acrylic paint,charcoal and graphite on Arches Acid Free Watercolour paper

Some Girls are Bigger than Others (Iroha, Samurai Shodown VI, NEW) Medium: dye,watercolour,ink,acrylic paint,charcoal and graphite on Arches Acid Free Watercolour paper

This piece above is of Videogame character, Iroha, Samurai Shodown VI. The title of the piece, is named after the Smith’s song Classic “Some Girls are Bigger than Others”. It’s my silly drawings of the virtual fighting video game female characters that seem to be just that. “Back in the day…” we played these videogames when we were “Growing up” and just started to discovering things…

I needed to explain it, because people where asking me what the pieces for the show where all about. -lol

Painting, Detail of Iroha

One of my first jobs in high school was working at the mall Arcade. I was the clusy change girl in a black vest suite, with a bad blond hair dye job (similar to late 90’s, Gwen Stefani hair duo).  I can still hear the distant sounds of the theme song to Daytona USA, race car game in a distance of my head.