Crazy for Cult a few weeks away

Crazy for Cult at Gallery 1988LA, is just a few weeks away!

So many cult classic films to choose from!  I picked the Lynch’s ” Mulholland Drive“.  It’s one of my favorite Lynch films.  I’ve seen it many times, so it was a good choice for me to create a theme piece.  I love how the mystery unfolds on screen and the noir themes.  I like the unclarity and dreamlike storytelling.  It feels like a memory, how you remember something, and then you retell it and retell it and the reality changes.  I love the film for all this! Lynch will slip in silly dialogue, to never take yourself too serious! It’s so great! I heart it!  Master Lynch!

“Woman with Mysterious Blue Key”, watercolour, graphite, acrylic paint, ink, and scarlet dye on acid-fee watercolour FRAMED. 

DETAIL of Artwork without frame

I created a very simple piece, it’s a memory of the woman with a blue key.  SIMPLE, as that. (Inspired by Lynch’s Mulholland Drive)

 I remember seeing the film at Regent Showcase Theatre by LAMF in Hollywood when it was released, the theatre looked like it did in the 40’s.  I don’t know if that movie theatre is still there?  Is it?

The genres of theme shows, has caused a bit of confusion for me. (Is it okay that I drawing your characters, mr. and ms. filmmaker?) Then I realized that films, toys and tv raised us.  We all have a connection to it.  It’s always fun to create the work for them.  It’s like a thank you to the film makers who made the films.

I like it!  

P.S. my first choice was to do a piece on “Showgirls”, but I only seen the film once and can’t remember the whole film.   Memorable things I remember: Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) from Saved by the Bells acting and the sex pool scene (looked like a shark attack). I couldn’t find the movie streaming anywhere online!  So I choose to go with a film I love and I’ve seen the most.



This Sunday: Circus Couture

This Sunday is a great fundraiser to help raise money for The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, Circus Couture.

Circus Couture 2011 will take place at

 The Joint

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

June 26th, 2011

The theme of this year’s Circus Couture event is REVOLUTION 

 All proceeds benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the world’s largest volunteer driven fundraising organization for childhood cancer research.  Money raised at the event will be granted to The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada- Nevada’s only childhood cancer center where children can receive medical care regardless of their parent’s ability to pay for services.

You can order tickets in advance online for 35 dollars or purchase tickets at the door for 45 dollars

You can check out Fox 5 segment on Circus Couture here

Below is a beautiful drawing I did, for donation.

The piece, “Drawing of Woman in Pink”, shows a very simple abstracted female, with confused pinks marks hinting at the color movement in her form, informing of the raw emotion of the feminine, with pink showing as the cultural awareness symbol of Breast Cancer. ” -Cristina Natsuko Paulos

This is the second year I donated a piece for the event.  I believe in the cause and the people who run the event.
You can help by purchasing tickets and biding on artwork. You can view the auction online :here:

What is great about fundraisers they help communities as well as change the world.  I have met some of the nicest and supportive people here.  I root of Las Vegas.

I think, Las Vegas is sort of everyone’s city whether you live here or not.

I heart Corny COLE

Everyone who went on and surivied the Calarts’ Character Animation, has at least one story about Corny Cole.  Some stories are funny , most are very affectionate and high respect.  We all love Corny!  He mentored many young artists, including myself.  His best advice, “Don’t let Calarts fuck you up.”  Which if you know anything about the Calarts’ Character Animation department, it’s not an easy department to graduate from. It has the largest students then in any of the programs, the most classes, and it’s often gets the lowest respect from the other ART departments in the School.  Often some people’s points of view of Animation and Cartoons, is not art.

A Beautiful ball-point-pen-ink drawing by Corny Cole

A Beautiful ball-point-pen-ink drawing by Corny Cole

(Yet the Calart’s Character Animation has it’s own point of view what Animation is suppose to look like to.  I bet you can guess what it looks like!)

Corny Cole, a drawing I did of him sometime in 2005

Corny Cole is an amazing animator.  His animation of water and movement it the most beautiful thing I every seen. This understanding of water probably comes from him being a Surfer among his twin brother, Peter Cole and other well know early California legendary surfers from the 50’s.

He did a beautiful animation short of the 1970’s Heavy Metal Animation Feature, which is the only thing I can find online of his. This animation is Amazing!

His short was cut out later, but you can find it on the directors cut of Heavy Metal.

I love Corny, makes me want to keep trying, and make beautiful things!  No matter what anyone says.

(Remember what Corny Said to you  “Don’t let anyone (“anyone” meaning peers and/or other teachers) tell you what to do (‘”do”-regarding your own artwork) and if they do (show them the finger!)”  YEAH!   This is the best advice I got from a college professor!

I mostly use this advice to the “Whole Art Game” for the most part.