P.C Art Chat, Crazy for Cult piece

I spoke a little about my Gallery 1988‘s Crazy for Cult piece with Platinum Cheese online site.

I talk about my interpretation of Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” through my art piece, “Memory of a Woman with a Blue Key”.
Please check out full interview here

100 artists take aim at classic cult films

On exhibit until:

July 8 – July 30, 2011
You can check out my piece along many awesome pieces until the end of July!


.default magazine, issue #13

‎I’m featured in .default magazine, Issue # 13

.default, a magazine of design, art, culture, fashion and music. .default aims to bring together artists from different fields to build an effective platform in the rapidly growing Internet world. Available in English and Turkish, free of charge, at www.defaultmagazine.com , with articles each month featuring new artists and a wide variety of topics.

There is an Artist feature of my mirror twin work, please check out pages 82-89 for the interview.

An ironic world of cartoons

This emerging artist is all about her drawings,. default proudly presents Cristina Paulos, the rising star of the art world with illustrations and animations that will drag you deep into the semi-dark, semi-colorful yet always infinity world of imagination and much more.

-Buğu Melis Çağlayan, default magazine issue #13

Portraits, my favorites: Part 1

My portrait show is now down and I wanted to make a blog post featuring of my favorite works from the series and the people in the artwork!

La Rose Muerta (Cristina), Burlesque Performer and Costume Designer.  She was more interested in a the Costume BRA in Design School, then the usual costumes assignments in Costume Design major.  It’s no surprised she is now part of the Las Vegas Burlesque Scene.  She is has a big role in the LV burlesques scene as she is designing custom costumes for many of the  performers in Las Vegas Burlesque. She works one and one with the burlesques dancers, to create original customes, that are widing the  range of performance styles.  She quirky, cute and has a good attitude. Every artwork I drew of her was just sooo CUTE. Good friends with Cha Cha Velour (who I also captured for the project).  Her costumes are upping a notch in the Burlesque Community!  You can see her performing at Boomers with her own burleque performance act that includes a large banana.

PJ in Green,  “Like”

PJ Perez, one of my very favorite pieces I did.  Creating this portrait of PJ was very interesting, because I drew him 20 years plus his age.  PJ is a young guy. I think I probably just captured PJ’s old soul.

Grouping of Portraits, “Localized Anonymity”. Blackbird Studios, June 2011

My memory of Vered Galor, “The Ador of Vered Galor”

 Vered Galoris an artist. I’m very much a fan of her work on GLASS, it’s beautiful,strong and powerful, which plays with the medium and relationship with the fragile-ness of glass. I painted two paintings by memory one of Vered and one of Cindy Funkhouser.  I learned that it takes much convincing to have an older woman agree to let them paint them.  (Probably because our culture is too obsessed with youth of woman or something like that, I wouldn’t get into that) Vered agreed to let me paint her only by memory alone. This piece came out the most abstracted then the rest.  Vered also loved the piece after completion, and that meant a lot to me.

I think at  times Vegas is a very hard place for artists to live in too.  Artists are very sensitive to our surroundings.  Vegas Strip can be sensor overload, and it’s also a valley surrounded by mountains which makes you feel a little like your sinking underwater. But I know where my exits are (the 15 fwy and the airport), so knowing this makes me feel more at ease and I also know how to swim.

HEART -Cristina

Part 2 and 3 coming soon.