Greeting from Las Vegas Project

Greetings from Las Vegas

I’m working on a project for Gateway Motel’s “Greetings from Las Vegas”. My project is creating a new set of drawings and video animation themes of love room/ horror room. I don’t want to reveal too much. I want it to be a surprise for the event next weekend. Hope to see you all there!

Drawing Paint and Dye on recycled paper

Drawing Paint and Dye on recycled paper


Rough Animation test


Drawing. 2013

Drawing. 2013


Flower Studies

Flower Studies of the backyard full of California night shade and Hawaiian Plumerias. I used watercolor and Dr. Martin dyes to create a soft and dramatic look.

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Coming Soon, Freak Show 04/28 Saturday


I will have pieces at WWA GALLERY next month. I will have a few pieces from a series I call, “FRAGMENTS”

“Frigments” (figment+fragment)

Frigment 4: Smoke and Mirrors, oil painting (acrylic paint under-painting) on wood
 Please check out the facebook envite for more information:

Link to the Facebook event page:

More about the gallery here:

Wonderful World of Animation

WWA gallery

9517 Culver Blvd

Culver City,  CA 90232

.default magazine, issue #13

‎I’m featured in .default magazine, Issue # 13

.default, a magazine of design, art, culture, fashion and music. .default aims to bring together artists from different fields to build an effective platform in the rapidly growing Internet world. Available in English and Turkish, free of charge, at , with articles each month featuring new artists and a wide variety of topics.

There is an Artist feature of my mirror twin work, please check out pages 82-89 for the interview.

An ironic world of cartoons

This emerging artist is all about her drawings,. default proudly presents Cristina Paulos, the rising star of the art world with illustrations and animations that will drag you deep into the semi-dark, semi-colorful yet always infinity world of imagination and much more.

-Buğu Melis Çağlayan, default magazine issue #13

First Friday, Las Vegas June 5th.

UPDATE: DUE TO LACK OF ARTS FUNDING, FIRST FRIDAY LAS VEGAS: “…all artist are moved to the sidewalk for June….we are not barricading street due to lack of funding” -FF las vegas

This might have me canceling for the evening.  I don’t have city permits and such to set up at local business fronts.  Fearing receiving a ticket, I think I might be better off not attending the First Friday event. 

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I’ll be setting up an artist booth next First Friday, Las Vegas, June 5th, 2009.  I haven’t set up a booth at first friday for over a year ,  be sure to check out the booth for new paintings, comics, prints, and handmade totes. 

 I am in the middle of finding a place to live, so I really need to lighten my load.  So expect some good deals.

HELP MAKE FIRST FRIDAY HAPPEN! Please continue your arts support, Las Vegas’ First Friday, take the time to donate here !


Other News: If find a day-off -weekend to visit LA and get to the beach, I’m in a group show at C.A.V.E Gallery, June 12, 2009 in Venice, CA.  Featuring my art piece from the book, Garden of Eye Candy . It should be a great group show with a lot of talent artists.



C.A.V.E Gallery, June 12, 2009 in Venice, CA


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Pure Fun

After two years of my lacking of drawing.  I finally have been going back to the local Life Drawing Un-instructed workshops in the area.  I always enjoyed life drawing because it’s pure fun.  For 3 hours, I get to focus-out and draw from observation, and other energies.  No restrictions. I’m recording the drawings, need to remember I should go every week. Very rusty.  Losing yourself from drawing to drawing, one of the most calming exercises.  






(Fees vary to week to week )

Arts Factory Tuesday Session located in the CAC gallery. 

7pm – 10pm