Drawing, Drawings, More Drawings

My project is moving along, very quickly. Having more and more interesting people to draw! Just one of my many projects this year.

Drawings of PJ.

First session with PJ, super fun to paint!


I drew some drawings of Jessica Galindo. Jessica’s a painter, jewelry designer and stylist. I love her Leather jewelry work!.
She’s awesome and super sweet! Here’s a sneak peak of one of my drawings of her, she looks very Manga Girl here.

“Las Vegas’ Storyteller, Mr. Norm Clark

Today, I just finished a drawing session with Mr. Norm Clark. Norm started his writing career as a Sports Writer.  One MARCH 4th (for his observation of the play of word, “March FORTH!” being a perfect day to GO FOR IT! ) he then moved to Las Vegas and became of one of the icon writers from RJ, covering the growing Las Vegas’ scene.  He is one of the most personable and nicest people I have met.  He’s a super great person!


Group Show, March 4th

I will have a few pieces at the La Luz De Jesus’ Kitschen Sync Group Show. I will not be able to make it to the opening. I have a busy week, and will just be returning back from Reno.

I love the group shows, La Luz De Jesus’ Gallery puts together, I wish I can attend. It’s looks like a great show, I’ll be checking it out later in the month.

Farewell, Flashy Flash site

Time for the new! The internet and techonology is moving far to quickly for me.  I had to do away with my old site, as the navbar and everything was using FLASH ( FLASH doesn’t read on all your mobile devices). I moved my art-site in a temporary home  using weebly.com.  Which is a great service website, to get a website fast together for free.



My next goal to create all my websites (cristinapaulos.com and http://nookofcuriosity.com/) as one wordpress site.

My question for you all is:

“Is anyone a wordpress master? Would you be interested in teaching me css word-press, in trade for artwork? I’m looking to switch my website to word-press, as flash is not compatible with cellphone device. I will need help with css style sheet stuff.”


Thanks! Cristina

Cirque du Soleil Corporate Offices Visit

I got the chance to visit the Cirque du Soleil Corporate Offices in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.  I took a few pictures of my pieces.

·         A piece by the name of It’s All Fun and Games, watercolor, paint, graphite, color pencil, ink, on rice paper,  2010 is a permanent part of theCirque du Soleil Contemporary Art Collection, Montréal Quebec, Canada.


Two of my pieces, now hang among there amazing Cirque du Soleil Contemporary Art Collection.  The offices, are very amazing, artwork hangs among all there walls, definitely a create environment to be in!

A piece by the name of Lady Cleopatra Denise, graphite power, charcoal on board paper, 2010 is a permanent part of the Cirque du SoleilContemporary Art Collection, Montréal Quebec, Canada.

Artist Intent of Piece, “Elliot, I spilled the Milk”

I often get ask a lot about the meaning in my pieces, I decide to blog a little about a piece.  I also talk about, why I choose to use cardboard.

Artist Intent of Piece, “Elliot, I spilled the Milk”
Dimensions: Artwork Size 9” x 11”
Medium: Acrylic paint, watercolour, ink, dye, pencil on found cardboard
(Professional Custom Frame)
As me regarding Pricing
Due to the nature of cardboard, this artwork has been custom and archival-framed to promise longevity of artwork.

“My twin characters sit in an obedient seize pose (traditional Japanese way of sitting), without an expression or clothing, and a lack of reaction to the spilling of milk.

“Elliot, I spilled the Milk”, is titled from the 80’s classic movie, E.T.  In a scene of the movie, ET gets drunk from beer (as he never tasted or experience the effects of intoxication) and he spills milk all over the kitchen, making a big mess for Elliot, who is at school, as it is later revealed just how interconnected Elliot is to the alien, E.T.

In my work, I often use Mirror Twin Cartoon Characters to express simplistic emotions of childhood and naivety. The child form is that of pure, and alien-like, to the experiences of interaction in our world.  Using dreamlike qualities and abstraction of line work, along with the application of paint, I hope to communicate these same ideas of vague originality (without knowledge).  I often have my characters float on found cardboard or on delicate papers. I think cardboard is an interesting texture and is often discarded or used to box things in for safe keeping. The symbolism to milk in the work is an allusion to mother’s milk, showcasing purity and connection to birth. I use abstraction in my work to portray movement, a similar technique used in animation. This shows no clarity between time, movement, and that of memory.”