Grimm Fairytales

I created a Grimm theme drawing for the upcoming gallery group show at Blackbird Studios located in Las Vegas. “Fair Maiden, malignant is blooming”, “35 x “23, mixed media on paper


20121124-092632.jpg Using loose materials: graphite dust, sumi inks and dyes along with water colors I created an emotional effect to the piece. My goal was to show the innocence of the young maiden with the sin taste of the poison apple. Grimm group show will open on The First Friday of December 2012 For more information and artwork inquires please contact Gina at Blackbird Studios


Draw, Draw, Draw and “Fighting”

Above: Photo by Becky Bosshart

I spent my Friday at Emergency Arts. It’s a fun place to visit, friendly Baristas and you get to catch some cool galleries and workspaces for some artists. I met some awesome folks and drew two people. My first subject was Mr. Jerry Misko. Jerry’s a Las Vegas native, born and raised. His father was imported to Las Vegas for work, he was a Pitboss at a Casino.
Jerry is a painter. He’s very personable and a very hardwork artist. I have to admit it took me sometime to capture him.

Above: My pile of drawings were stacking up!

I was able to produce two drawings which I think came out interesting. My favorite drawing of him:

My favorite drawing of Jerry, he looks like a samurai warrior here. "Jerry Misko, FIGHTING!"


My second subject for portrait is of Ms. Becky Bosshart. Becky’s awesome! She grew up as a Military Brat, traveling often. She was brought to Las Vegas for writing. She is a graduate student at UNLV where she is studying journalism.

Becky in peaceful muted grey, and burst of high contast of Oranges!

My pile of Becky’s of drawings.

Drawing of Becky reading the LV SUN.

Becky has a very beautiful neck line. She was reading while I was drawing her.

@ WWA Gallery, Opening Photos

Platinum Cheese took some amazing photos at the “Horrorwood” show opening.

I wanted to post the link to photos of the event on my blog.

There is still some amazing pieces available for purchase, please check out the show!

Horrorwood, photos by Platinum Cheese

Check out there complete set of images!!!

Horrorwood will be out until December 4th!!!

WWA gallery
9517 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Thanks, again Stephine, Rob and David!!!

Check out Platinum Cheese for some great interviews and photos too!!

Followup: First Friday Fundraiser

My piece, “ It’s All Fun and Games”, was selected BEST IN SHOW by jurior Kenton from Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil purchased two of my pieces for there Office Headquaters. Very COOL!

Jackie wrote about my win for the LV Examiner, check it out here.

I’m happy I was able to raise money to help out  First Friday.

It’s very important for the community I live in to have an ART community and the strong support for it to grow!